Leo Club

Lions Club International (LCI) aims to empower volunteers to serve their community,meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and Promote understanding through Lions Club. As an integral part of Lion family,Leo Club provide young people with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively,as responsible for the local national and international community. The Leo motto Leadership, Experience, Opportunity can help Leo members to acquire skills such as project organizers and motivators among peers. They can discover teamwork and cooperation that can bring about change in the community. Leos develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contribution.

Leo Club UORM have organised Blood Donation Drive for years and it will be a continuous event for the upcoming terms. The members also have volunteered for Celebral Palsy School’s (JB) Sports Day. For the upcoming term, we would like to volunteer and organised more fund raising projects to serve the community.


Samantha L Kesh (s.lkesh@student.reafing.edu.my)

Vice President
Boo Dzi Yi

Shu Yi

Vice Secretary
Henry Ho Keng Soon

Bairavi Sanmugam

Vice Treasurer
Koh Seet Hui

Membership Director
Siti Maisarah Zainuddin

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