UoRM Christian Fellowship

Things that we do πŸ˜€
1.Discussions (daily life & religious)
2.Guest Talks
3.Movie Session

Upcoming Plans include…
1.Going to church tgt (transportation can be arranged)
2.Get-to-know hangout sessions (lunch/dinner/supper)
3.House potluck
Movie Dates (with snacks!) πŸ˜‰
And much & much more coming up….

is a safe space to share, to get to know one another, to build faith.”
Debra Susan, 2018

Message us if you are interested!
Fang yi (President) – +60 18-319 5922
Aaron (Vice President) – +60 16-857 9951
Chang Ka Hink (Secretary) – +60 10-935 8884
Ng Xi (Organizer) – +60 12-320 6200


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