The Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Investment Society – BLEIS

BLEIS is all about educating not only our members but also the students in business practices and providing students with informative talks, by bringing in outside perspectives by external speakers and companies. BLEIS has successfully organized and participated in a plethora of events from the annual Christmas party to setting up the Flea Market. BLEIS also pledges support in most of the Universityโ€™s events by setting up stalls during the Halloween festivities and on Readingโ€™s Open Days. Not only that, BLEIS also aims to strengthen the knowledge of the students plus allow them to expand their social connections by bringing in external speakers throughout the year and having career talks during Enhancement Week.

Club committee:
President: Phoebe Phua
Vice President: Cheah Kuan Yung
Secretary: Lim Jin Kai
Vice secretary: Yang Chyuan Wee
Treasurer: Ambika A/P Perumal Naidu
Vice Treasurer: Nge Chin Tien
Public Relations: Tasha Sabapathy & Tay Teck Wee

Contact details:

Click here to view pictures of past activities.

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